Crissy Mize

Crissy Mize is a certified personal trainer with both NETA and ASCM accredited certifications. She is also the founder of HeatWaveFitness LLC and creator of her own fitness format H.E.A.T.™.

Her passion for health and fitness started with her own weight loss journey. In 2012, Crissy set out to regain her life back and in 2 years lost 80lbs and became a group exercise fitness instructor. A year later she certified to become a personal trainer to help guide others on their own path to health and wellness.

Crissy’s fitness philosophy is centered around functional fitness, flexibility and mobility.

“I want my clients to be able to apply and implement what they learn and gain at the gym into their everyday lives. I also want them to learn to love moving and challenging their bodies and appreciate the magnificent machines that they are!”

Crissy is the mother to three beautiful two legged children-Summer, Jordan and Berek and two wonderful four legged children-Boomer and Lola.

"Love yourself. Lift others up. Burn for what sets your soul on fire."

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