• Make the most of your time

    Using a trainer insures effeciency in the gym. We make the most of your 30min session by being prepared and keeping you moving without distraction.

  • comfortable atmosphere

    Get access to everything you need in a gym without the headaches of a crowded facility. No judgement, no pressure, no cat calls.

  • Accountability is key

    Trainers provide more than just expertise in the gym. They provide the critical element of accountability. When you have an appointment, your trainer will be there waiting to coach and encourage you through your entire workout.

  • No longer a luxury

    Personal training used to be thought of as a luxury, but for many people it's a necessity. Why waste your time being frustrated by not seeing results? You can't afford not to have a trainer.

8 Sessions


$42 / session Buy Now!

24 Sessions


$35 / session Buy Now!

Experienced Qualifed Trainers

Our trainers have over 60 years combined experienced in the health and fitness industry. You don't have to do this alone. We're here to help!


When you
start exercising,
you have a chance
to change your
whole life.
- Haley Cline
At Body Language,
we are a family.
- Lisa Thompson