Megan Dymond

Megan Dymond became an NASM Certified Trainer in 2018. She was inspired to get her certification by the changes she has made in her life through fitness and is now committed to helping others. It was just a few short years ago that Megan found Body Language as a client. She was ready to commit to changing her lifestyle and making healthy choices. She hired Haley as a personal trainer to keep her accountable and help her accomplish her goals. Now, Megan is excited to play a larger part in the community of Body Language by offering personal training services, herself.

As a child Megan was always involved in sports. Through her younger years she played softball and basketball while enjoying other activities such as wakeboarding. After high school she stopped being active. She pursued her college degree and became a registered nurse. Like many during college and shortly thereafter, Megan gained weight. Working a night shift, horrible eating habits, and tough sleeping patterns plagued her. Now, however, she believes that she understands and can empathize with others that have difficult schedules and work situations.

Megan is a Registered Nurse and currently works specifically with Pulmonary Hypertension patients. She has a background in Cardiovascular and Cardiopulmonary care which are both her nursing passions. Through Megan’s fitness journey and education and work experience, she has found that a healthy lifestyle weighs heavily on the quality and duration of one’s life. Megan is here to extend her passion to help people anyway she can; to educate and guide them along the path to a longer, happier, and healthy life. For Megan, fitness is about how you feel overall every day.

Outside of Megan’s career as a nurse and spending time with Body Language she enjoys riding dirt bikes with her husband Paul. They also travel to Moab, Utah frequently where they enjoy Jeeping, dirt bikes, and hiking. They have two dogs JacJac and Moto who travel with them. Paul and Megan make sure to stay active so that they can do the things that they enjoy in life.

Fitness is all about how you feel - overall, EVERY DAY.