Zac Robbins was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma. After briefly living in Southern California, Zac returned to Oklahoma and is now a senior at UCO. He has played competitive soccer for 17 years and currently plays for UCO. Zac is a business management major and is actually in the groundwork of starting his own company called BeneFitness.

Zac spends his time very carefully because there is so many entities that he has the opportunity to be involved in, including, UCO’s President’s Leadership Council, Pi Kappa Alpha, working for the DHS and tutoring an awesome kid with Down’s Syndrome, working at Diamond Nutrition, serving as a Youth group leader at LifeChurch, and now, a trainer at BodyLanguage!

Zac grew up as an athlete but became interested in fitness as a sophomore in college. He thought he was doing everything right but was actually doing everything wrong. This transcended into Zac spending ample amounts of time looking anything up that was fitness driven. This is why he finished his personal training certification in three weeks. 

As time went on he started to be more intelligent in his fitness pursuits, and Zac also worked at GNC for six months which helped educate him on more supplemental knowledge than he even knew existed. Now, he has switched to using Herbalife because it is much cleaner and he works at Diamond Nutrition.

Zac’s passion is helping people and encouraging them to be secure in themselves and love themselves spiritually, physically, and mentally. Zac’s training will focus on fat loss, lean muscle mass growth, and athletic training if desired. With this will also come a lot of nutritional advice, because how you fuel yourself directly correlates to how you will perform. 



Actions speak louder than words; let success be your noise. 

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