Haley Cline

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Haley Cline has exhibited a health conscious lifestyle and has been fitness-oriented her entire life. Growing up she struggled with being an overweight child and really wanted to change her life by exercising more and eating better. She dove into sports and became an athlete. She participated in many different sports including basketball, track, and soccer and continued playing basketball at the collegiate level. She played 2 years at Oklahoma City University while studying Exercise Sciences. She ended her basketball career after a major knee surgery from which she has now fully recovered.

Haley became nationally certified in February 2008 by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Through the NASM Certified Personal Training program, Haley is able to use her life-experience to bring the best quality of service to her clients. She understands how to train a wide variety of clients including people who are recovering from injury, wanting to lose weight, or wanting to become greater athletes.

She believes that with the right motivation and mindset, anything is possible. Her top priority is helping people become the best they can be through a healthy living action plan.

Haley has been a practicing personal trainer since November 2008. She services numerous clients with different backgrounds, needs, and expectations. Haley is the founder of a boot camp program that started in February 2009. She enjoys working with her female clients and realizes that the importance of fitness in the world starts with the education and dedication of women.

Haley is continuing to expand her rapidly growing clientele and to help more people meet their fitness goals. Her positive attitude within the fitness world is encouraging and infectious to all who surround her! Haley enjoys motivational speaking to a wide range of organizations and is a dedicated volunteer at her church where she loves working with local foster kid charities.

Think BIG, believe BIG, and the result will be BIG.

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