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Rock steady boxing

We are learning every day that there are ways in which people with Parkinson’s disease can enhance their daily quality of life and even build impressive power, strength, flexibility and speed! Exercising with coaches who know the ropes, you can fight your way out of the corner and start to feel and function better.

Boxing works by moving your body in all planes of motion while continuously changing the routine as you progress through the workout. These classes have proven that anyone, at any level of Parkinson’s, can actually lessen their symptoms and lead a healthier / happier life.

Rock Steady training is designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s and can be tailored to address each person’s unique symptoms and overall level of fitness. We require all potential boxers to complete an assessment with our coach to determine the programming that would be of greatest benefit to them.

Wednesday 11:30-12:30 and Friday 11:30-12:30

Haley Cline

Parkinson's cycle

The research is clear: exercise therapy is effective in the fight against Parkinson’s disease (PD). While there is no cure for

Parkinson’s, remaining active and exercising regularly can help reduce symptoms and enhance quality of life. Specific benefits include improved balance, motor coordination, stamina, and overall strength.

A fun and effective way for people with PD to exercise? Indoor Cycling!

Get on the bike and strengthen your legs and cardio. Our legs are so important for stabilization and strength. This class will be great for all Parkinson’s patients.

Monday-Parkinson’s Cycle and Strength 1:00-2:00

Jodi G.

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