“I’ll just hit it really hard at the first of the year…I just don’t have the time or energy to do anything extra on top of everything we have going on right now.” I get it. I hear you. But I’m going to have to disagree. Sorry; that’s my job.

This time of year has everyone moving so quickly from activity to activity, place to place, special event to special event…it’s hard to even fathom taking time away from your schedule to workout. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the mental energy that all of us seem to be low on at this time of year. “You want me to what…? Somehow find the time to workout in between dropping my oldest kid off for practice and getting the youngest one ready for their play? Somehow find the energy to workout after logging another 12-hour day at work getting ready for year-end?” I KNOW you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions. I KNOW the thought of adding one more thing to your day makes you feel like you can’t even get up off of the couch. But I also know this…

Making time for yourself in the form of physical activity this holiday season is one of the most important things you can do! You’re no good to anyone else if you’re stressed, sick, and resentful.  Keeping your workout a priority will help combat all of those things! We all know that we are typically one really good workout away from a good (or better) mood. Get the endorphins flowing. It helps! I promise. Your body was created to MOVE. To WORK. So work it.

And I don’t need to go over the detailed statistics about how incorporating physical activity into your life prevents and fights sickness – especially all of those pesky little viruses that are going around. I know that some of them are unavoidable. But continuing to workout through them (unless they are extremely respiratory) will be the boost your immune system needs to keep you from getting more sick and hopefully, even help you recover more quickly.

And let’s all take a minute to be honest with ourselves. It’s so tough to be a wife, a mother (or husband, or father); employee, manager, boss, etc. at this time of year. No matter the situation, it’s rare to not feel the extra pressure to make Christmas a magical time for the people around you while keeping up with your daily responsibilities and the expectations that you feel you must meet. As all of those plates are spinning, it’s really easy (at least for me) to let that whiney voice in the back of my head say “but who’s thinking about ME right now?” “Who’s making this time of year special for me?” “When will I get just a moment to myself to enjoy the season?” Well…start by doing one of the most important things you can do for yourself and that’s continuing to make healthy decisions for YOU.

Guess what…being consistent with your workout regimen is one of those decisions. MAKE it. If you make time to take care of yourself, you’ll be able to take care of others physically because you’ll have more energy AND with a better attitude – which makes all the difference in the world.

One more thing: for you numbers people out there…15 minutes is about 1% of your day. And…you can get a solid, full body, calorie-burning workout in 15 minutes. There are great ideas on our Facebook page, or Pinterest. Or feel free to ask one of the trainers at Body Language! More than anything, we want you to be happy and healthy and are excited to help in any way we can. Work out at the gym at your convenience. Get up 15 minutes early and workout at home. Use your lunch break at work. It’s only 15 minutes! Regardless of how you do it, get 15 minutes in. Aren’t you worth 1% of your day? I think you are.

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