Your sweetheart.  The love of your life.  Your partner in crime.  What about… your new gym buddy!  That’s right, I’m talking about training with your better half.  Study after study shows countless benefits to working out with your significant other.  If you’ve never considered it or maybe just aren’t doing it, I’m going to show you five reasons why you should.

1) Quality Time

I realize working out isn’t everyone’s go-to, date night activity, but when you’re together you can make it more fun than hitting the gym solo. Go for a bike ride and enjoy the sunset or maybe take the dog for a walk and catch up on the day.  For some, it may be working out alongside each other at the gym.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or even that creative as long as it’s something you both enjoy, plus it costs little to nothing in comparison to dinner and a movie.  Did I also mention it’s fewer calories? Now we’re talking!

2) Stress Relief

Working out is proven to release those feel-good chemicals we love to talk about called endorphins. When you’ve had a hard day at work or a major deadline is approaching, it’s easy to feel a little bit more irritable than usual which can lead to your special someone taking the biggest hit.  This is when those exercise endorphins can really work their magic.  Working out can turn your stress into fuel.  Taking out your frustration at the gym together means a more peaceful time at home and what’s not to like about that?

3) A Closer Bond

According to Psychology Today, couples who engage in an exciting physical activity or challenge report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner. Enough said.

4) Accountability

How many times have you talked yourself out of going to the gym when you’re alone? That’s what I thought.  Insert the perfect accountability partner here.  If you both share a common goal of working out more, the chances of both of you cancelling your gym date night is far less than with your solo session.  Better yet, if you depend on each other for spotting or alternating exercises, it makes it even harder to let your gym buddy down, so don’t do it!

5) Health and Longevity

This one is obvious. We all know working out is a good thing but when you and your partner make it a priority, the chances of you actually sticking with it for the long run go up significantly (see #4 above).  As a result, you can plan on more years together and achieve true #couplesgoals.

A closer bond, less stress, more fun — sounds like working out with your favorite person has its perks.  I forgot to mention a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.  “Last one to finish 20 burpees puts up the laundry!”  Yeah that will incentivize anyone.  Try it next time you work out with your honey and thank me later.  You’re welcome.

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