Kim Jehlik, our newest featured member story, spends much of her time volunteering and is a proud “household CEO”. She values spending time with her friends and family – especially outdoors. And because of her busy schedule and never-ending to-do list, she loves the fact that Body Language is so conveniently located. Her other favorite thing about Body Language is her trainer, Sarah Trett. This is what Sarah has to say about Kim:

I’ve had the pleasure of training Kim since May. When we first met, she told me her story and it was clear to me she always puts other people before herself. She wanted to train as a way to help with her physical and emotional healing following some heartbreaking events in her life. As Kim would say, she wants to “bring it” in her workouts and it shows! She’s lost over 6 inches and is getting stronger each time. As her trainer, I am so proud of everything she has accomplished and her testimony to others. – Sarah Trett, NASM CPT

What else would we like you to know about Kim? Let’s start with her favorite exercises. Kim let us know that – if she’s being honest – she doesn’t have a favorite! However, she finds ab and core exercises the most difficult. We can relate!

Kim has been training one-on-one with Sarah for… Outside of the gym, she participates in church activities and programs. These kinds of experiences give her spiritual strength which, in turn, filters into emotional and physical strength.

The healthy meal that Kim most enjoys includes salmon, quinoa, and salads. When she’s not eating healthy, her favorite indulgence is a sweet treat such as a cookie or cake. To keep herself accountable to a healthy, she uses an app on her phone to log calories and nutrition choices. She recommends doing the same to anyone looking to make a change in their health.

Another recommendation that Kim has is to partner up for accountability. We agree! One of the best ways to ensure that you remain consistent in a workout routine and / or diet change is to choose a friend, family member, or trainer to walk alongside you in your journey.

Kim’s final words of encouragement for our readers?

You do anything for 30 minutes.

We like it, Kim! And we agree. Our personal training sessions are 30 minutes long; efficient, fast-paced, and highly effective. Ready to work with a Body Language personal trainer? Click here to see available packages or schedule a free consulation with a trainer.

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