My name is Raine Benham and as far as age goes, well, let’s just say 70 is on the horizon…and it’s looking good!

I have been a registered nurse and certified energy therapist for several decades, and as such I have an awareness of the importance of body-mind fitness. As a nurse working in the hospital, I learned one has to move it or lose it, and aging is so relative. I took care of young adults that were aged far beyond their years, and some of the older adults who seemed far younger than their age. The biggest difference was exercise, diet and a mind set to take responsibility for their health. Discipline is the challenge.

I have always been active…running, weight lifting, yoga and just about anything to do with outdoors and exploring new places in nature with family. However, after life threw in an unexpected curve, my fitness took back stage to a two-year old. My motivation was to meet and work with Haley to have accountability and her expertise to guide me back to a healthier state of being, starting about 6 years ago.

So my initial goal was to get back in shape. Then about 4 years ago, I received a serious diagnosis that required a shift in perceptive and goals. I am incredibly thankful that things have not progressed as the medical community predicted, and I credit exercise and Haley’s expertise as a huge facto,r in addition to acupuncture and energy sessions. My diet focus is almost anything rich in nutrition. Healthy food isn’t an “option.” I love fresh real food…vegetables and fruit in about any form. To “indulge”, maybe a crispy cookie or a fine Malbec wine with dinner.

My favorite exercise, like so many, is the one that is done! I truly love how my body feels during exercise and especially after. It’s my mind that wants to convince me “this has to stop!” But if the exercise is a challenge, I’m in. The exercise I would rather not do is the first few that Haley suggests… takes a bit to get started. And throwing the ropes and balls…eeww! Chopping seems to bring me to an attitude of revolt. So then my challenge is to get my mind back in the game! Working out with my husband has added so much joy I often forget how hard it is. My motivation is to be the best I can be, rolling with life’s punches as best I can. Body Language with Haley is a great place to do just that!

Trainer’s Note:

Raine has been a light and joy in Body Language since the first day she walked in the door. I have seen her grow in strength and health through several life trials. She is one of the strongest females I train now. She is an inspiration and can’t believe we celebrated her 69th birthday the other day. I have learned a lot from her and I am so thankful she is a part of the Body Language family. – Haley

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