Meet the Rollins. Steve and Kayly have found a gym home at Body Language and we’re proud to feature them as Members of the Month! In their early 40’s, the Rollins are a busy couple with careers and children, but have found the value in making their fitness a priority.

They had taken some time off from going to a gym when Steve decided it was time to get back at it. His search for a small gym that was conveniently located close to his home led him to Body Language. As he stated in his interview

If my gym isn’t close to home, I won’t go!

When Steve’s wife, Kayly, heard the positive things that he had to say about Body Language, she decided to give it a try too. And, she kept coming back!

Kayly prefers a wide variety of exercises in her workouts and enjoys coming to our circuit classes, like Camp BL, that are constantly changing. With all of the different movements and daily focus, she points out that it keeps her from getting bored with her routine. Steve really likes doing anything upper-body and states that he simply feels healthier and stronger when he gets in a good workout. Plus, he finds it to be a great stress reliever! That being said, he’d rather not see pistol squats come up in his workout plan and Kayly may or may not inwardly cringe when it’s time for an ab-related exercise in the circuit.

Both Steve and Kayly realize the importance of a healthy diet and how it helps them in and out of the gym. Steve’s go-to healthy foods include salmon, and yogurt with berries and nuts. Kayly is right there with him choosing those same fresh berries and nuts as her favorite healthy snack. As far as indulgence goes, this all-American couple chooses some all-American foods to enjoy such as burgers, shakes, and of course, chocolate chip cookies!

They agree on another important component of a successful healthy lifestyle and that is accountability in and out of the gym. Steve and Kayly both state that working out with their spouse in classes at Body Language helps keep them consistent in their workout routine and Steve points out that being a good example for his kids is also a strong, motivating factor in keeping him in the gym.

Outside of Body Language, the Rollins stay busy with various activies. Steve enjoys pretty much any outdoor sport such as hiking, camping, fishing, and mountain biking. Kayly loves to read and spend time in her garden in between working part-time as a speech pathologist and making sure her two boys get to and from all of their activities.

Again, we are proud to have Steve and Kayly as part of the Body Language family and are so happy that making Body Language their gym home has had a positive impact in their lives.

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