I’m flattered that Haley asked me to write about how I’ve lost weight this year.*  For those of you who want the Readers Digest version, I simply changed the amount of food I was eating. For more details, keep reading.

When I passed the weight that I was when I delivered my children, I committed to losing.  I started January 3rd this year.  To be honest, I’ve started with that commitment about 15 times over the last 4 years and I’m not sure why it ‘took’ with me this time.  I wish I knew and could tell you.  The why is so much harder to decipher than the how.  If Haley could have done it for me, she would have, but it was something that had to click in me.

I’m not preaching, believe me, because I have big concerns that I’ll gain back every pound and more.

Let me just answer the top 10 questions I receive.  If anything makes a difference for you, I’ll be glad.  And I’ll talk about this ad nauseum  so please ask me anything that you want to know.

Michelle’s Top 10

ONE:  Yes, I do eat bread, drink wine, put real cream in my coffee, have cake at weddings and birthdays, and pull through Taco Bell (oh, how I love Taco Bell) …. but just not nearly as much as I was nor as much as I want.

TWO:  No, I don’t do cheat days.  For me, that sounds like trouble.  Some days are higher calorie days than others but I never say, “Today is a free-for-all.”

THREE:  Nope, not miserable.  I’m kind of hungry some days when my planning goes awry, though.

FOUR:  Yes, to eating out …. again, not as often and now I preread the menu before I leave home in order to think through my choices when I’m not starved.

FIVE:  Truly, it is quite a bit of effort to log and measure and weigh all the food and drink.  And I am scrupulously honest about it.  A very wise man once said that the truth would set me free and I believe it.  If I’m not sure about a measurement, then I over-estimate.  It’s a habit now but it would still feel great to just let that part go.  And, oh yes, I do know this is a lot harder when you’re raising children.  But, let me add, it’s also hard when you are old(er).

SIX:  Yes, I did change my workouts some.  i was getting a little lax on the cardio part of my routine and I decided to make sure that I did 30 minutes of cardio six days a week.  But, I knew it was a food issue for me, really, so I also decided that if I had to make a choice between exercise and eating well, I would choose eating well.  That’s probably news to Haley 🙂  With the loss, I can exercise harder and longer now.

SEVEN:  Yes, I am a bit of an emotional eater but only when I’m happy.  Lucky for me, I’ve had four really good years with three grandchildren being added to my family.  However, the month that the last baby was born, I gained eight pounds.  There’s another baby due in February and don’t think I’m not a little scared.

EIGHT: I’ve lost 27.8 pounds since January 3rd and I’d like to see another 2.2 go.  A nice bonus is that my husband relented, joined up with me instead of sabotaging me by dropping fun-size Snickers in my lap, and has lost 60 pounds since March.

NINE:  I do use some technology that is helpful.  There are a lot of good choices available but I use Fitness Pal and Fitbit HR Charge.  I used Fitness Pal to tell me how many calories I could eat and lose 2 pounds a week.  It allotted me 1200 plus whatever exercise calories I earned.  I didn’t eat the exercise calories at first.  I should have lost quickly but I didn’t.  That was a hard time and a little discouraging.  I had to hold firm.  Haley helped.  It has never dropped quickly for me this year .. unlike for my husband who records Biggest Loser numbers weekly!  When I stalled out and didn’t lose for a month, I started watching the number of calories that Fitbit said I was burning and tried to stay under that number.  I dropped 2 pounds pretty quickly that way.  Furthermore, Haley has access to my food log and that alone stops some food from going in my mouth!

TEN:  Sure, I have a few tips!  If I feel tired and hungry, I eat protein.  I aim for more than 20% of my calories to be protein.  I try to keep grilled chicken in my refrigerator and nuts in my car.  Another wise person said, “If you aren’t hungry enough to eat some grilled chicken, then you aren’t really hungry.”  I also like the Nutrilite Chocolate Fudge Protein drink that I get from Kristen.  If I want a candy bar really badly, then I eat a Luna protein bar.  I know it’s candy but at least it has some protein it.

That’s it!  Be sure to ask me anything you are curious about.  I have really soaked up the support and encouragement that I receive at the gym and am grateful to all of you at Body Language!  Thank you.

*Body Language does not guarantee any specific result and results may vary.

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