Rest day…taking a break…days off from the gym…
For some, these terms are cringe-worthy. For others, they are simply part of your routine. Whichever category you fit into, rest is something we all need to think about to maintain balance for a healthy body, mind and spirit. Resting throughout the week during your regular exercise routine is extremely important.  Your body will definitely thank you.

Physical Benefits of Rest

Physiologically speaking, rest is necessary for your body to repair soft tissues, and restore and replenish muscles in order to create a healthy physique. It allows the body to flush those toxins that are created when we exercise. It may be hard for you to think about taking a day or two of rest per week, but it is extremely important to prevent yourself from overtraining. Overtraining can lead to injury, burnout and flat results. It’s a fact that your body will make more positive gains if you allow it to rest. If you can’t stay away from physical activity all together, take some time to stretch, foam roll, or visit a yoga class that focuses on stretching.

Mental Benefits of Rest

Resting is also extremely vital to our mental psyche. It allows us to renew our minds, escaping the constant grind of our exercise routine. And, you’ll be able to really create an internal drive to get back into the gym and work hard. If you maintain a consistent gym-going routine you will no doubt notice the desire to get back to it after a day or two of rest.
So, as you are planning out your week, please make plans to rest, restore and renew!

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