Spring break is practically here! And while traveling is fun and even good for the soul, it can be hard on your diet and exercise routine. Lauren shares 5 simple tips to help you stay on track while you are traveling so that you don’t lose any ground that you’ve gained in the new year. Thanks, Lauren!

1) Drink Water

Staying hydrated will keep you feeling full, helps prevent water retention during travel, and if you become dehydrated, energy levels will drop and that is never fun on vacation.

2) Pack Your Lunch

Pack your own healthy snacks or favorite healthy meals. If a healthy snack you prefer is required to use a refrigerator, try purchasing a small cooler to keep your healthy snacks. If you have your healthy snacks with you, you will be less likely to purchase ice cream at the cool stand you drive by. Plus, you can save money. Win/Win

3) Do Your Research

Plan on cooking meals or research nutrition information at restaurants you will be trying out while on vacation. Start with lean protein and vegetables, ask how the food is prepared (no oil), Ask for side salad rather than fries, etc.

4) Don’t Stress

If you over-indulged in one meal, do not be so hard on yourself – just get back on track the next meal / day.

5) Find a Gym

Find a gym at the location you are staying at. Most hotels offer a gym you can use. The gym may lack some equipment; but a short workout is better for you than no workout.

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