Originally from Kansas, Kole Siroky had a brief Career in Chicago, Illinois as an intern stock broker at a firm in downtown Chicago. This job consisted of sitting at a desk, working on computers – with virtually no exercise. His health and weight suffered and he knew he needed a change. When he got the news that his daughter, Payton, was on the way, he decided to move back to Kansas to manage and operate his family’s fitness facility.

Working at Elite Bodies and communicating daily with the training team, he gained an undying interest for fitness and health, supporting his decision to pursue a career in the fitness industry. However, he was first encouraged by his family to start his own oilfield service company, following in his family’s footsteps of entrepreneurship. Despite the long and enduring hours of oilfield operations, he continued to maintain a healthy diet and active routine. Although his oilfield company was his main source of financial support for his family, his interest in helping others through health and fitness overcame the short-term financial gain of the oil industry.

Kole’s interest in research-based clinical trials in cardiovascular and supplementation led him to intern with a medical doctor in Oklahoma City. His knowledge of nutrition and fitness-related studies over the past 10 years motivated him to pursue his desire in becoming a certified personal trainer in 2018, when he obtained a Personal Training Certification through the American Council on Exercise.

His main focus is to combine resistance training and form technique into custom workout plans designed specifically for each clients’ unique goals and capabilities. The clients’ daily progression will always remain his dedication and highest priority – no matter what their fitness level.

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