Tony Bojko has made many changes in his life over the last few years. He left a corporate IT job to start his own technology consulting business, relocated from Wisconsin to Oklahoma, and oh – he’s lost over 75lbs! And all before his 40th birthday.

So meet Tony, our April member focus and an excellent example of what kind of transformation can happen when dedicate yourself to change. After moving to Edmond, Tony was on the hunt for a gym to continue to improve upon recent positive changes in his health. He started working out at Body Language almost a year ago and after a couple of months, decided to enlist the help of a trainer to help him meet his goals faster. Haley began working with Tony in June 2016.

Tony is one of the hardest working guys in the gym. He is super committed to his goals and it has been neat to see him progress over the last year. He has made life changes in his health and it shows from the inside out. I am super proud of him. He currently works out once a week with me and comes in the rest of the time on a disciplined schedule. – Haley
Working out with Haley has definitely made a difference in Tony’s results. He’s lost 16 inches, 24 lbs, and 4.5% since working out with her at Body Language.  And she’s shown him exercises that he never did on his own. One of which utilizes the BOSU ball to perform side-to-side squats. Not only does Tony like the fact that he gets cardio with this exercise, but also values the stability and lateral aspects of the movement, both important parts of one of his favorite things to do outside of the gym: disc golf. Before starting to work out with Haley, stability and mobility were a weak part of his training and he enjoys when he can work on improving them. But, make a little tweak to those side-to-side BOSU squats and turn them into regular old jump squats…? Not a fan. Jump squats, along with burpees, are exercises that he wishes Haley NEVER included in a workout. But like any good trainer, she doesn’t let that stop her!
​Tony’s dietary changes have been a big contributor to his overall success and like many people, he’s sweet on sweet potatoes. But if he’s going to venture off the clean eating path, pizza is his go-to good times meal.
​As Tony continues to work towards his goals, he says that part of what keeps him motivated is to remember that “Past results and success lead to future motivation and drive…fitness is a journey and not really something that you ever finish.”

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