And And you thought Dynamic Duo referred to Batman and Robin…

Meet Bill Young and Carl Barry. Little did they know when Carl moved to Oklahoma City 27 years ago that his neighbor (three doors down) would be the first person he met (on that very day) and his workout partner all this time later. They are quite the pair and we are so happy that they are members at Body Language.

At 70 and 72, respectively, they realize that working out is key to their longevity and health and even though Bill states he is “late to the game” as far as exercise goes, he can tell a difference in his strength and energy levels since working with Jessica.

Speaking of which, Bill and Carl have been working out with Jessica Castillo together for almost 2 years – following her from her previous gym here to Body Language. They come in 1 hour a day, 3 days a week – and sometimes Carl even comes in early to get in extra cardio. To say they are dedicated is an understatement.

If you’ve met these two, you’re quick to realize that they would bring a good attitude to any workout or exercise they were asked to do, but Carl especially likes to work on his core and upper body because “that’s where I need it the most”, he says. However, when asked which exercise he’d rather not do his response was in true Carl form: “How do you spell T-R-X?” We hear you loud and clear, Carl. For Bill, he really doesn’t have a favorite exercise, saying instead that all of them are beneficial – arms, legs, and core. He goes on to state that Jessica is quick to realize the need – if ever it arises – to work around an injury or something that makes him legitimately uncomfortable.

These two are both fairly disciplined eaters. They try to get plenty of vegetables and their favorite way to do that is probably salad. And, they also share similar vices when it comes to foods that they may choose to indulge in every now and then. For Carl, it’s specifically chocolate, while Bill will basically go for anything that’s sugary – he has a huge sweet tooth.

Although Carl and Bill can be somewhat light-hearted and can often be seen joking around in the gym, one thing they take seriously is how exercise is impacting them in this chapter of life. When asked how Carl stays motivated to keep working out and taking care of himself he simply says, “I look at my age and then look in the mirror.” Bill agrees stating that “age is unforgiving”, and he sometimes wishes he would have realized 30 years ago what he now knows about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Both of these gentlemen remain very active outside of the gym, also, and enjoy spending time working outdoors.

No matter their age, we know that Carl and Bill are young at heart, and we’re so proud that they’ve chosen Body Language as the place that helps keep them that way! You guys are an inspiration! Keep up the good work!

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