When Donielle started training with me at BL, my first goal was to improve the function of her shoulder and set in proper habits to help her lose the weight she wanted. Coming out of physical therapy, she was limited on what she could do, but we focused on foundation movements and built from there to where her shoulder is now stronger than it ever was and she has lost 20lbs! – Matt Green, Personal Trainer at Body Language

After having two shoulder surgeries, Donielle Johnson’s career as a massage therapist was in jeopardy. At 48, she didn’t think that she would be thinking about being forced to leave an industry she loved. But after completing physical therapy, she began doing personal training with Matt at Body Language. Not only is her shoulder a ton stronger and much more stable, she’s lost 20lbs in the process!

Like many people who do personal training, Donielle’s favorite part of Body Language is her trainer, Matt. And over the last four months of training with Matt, Donielle has come to love cable rows (great for those shoulders!). But, she wouldn’t mind if he left out the lateral lunges during their twice weekly sessions. Her primary training program has been one-on-one training with Matt, but she also attributes her success to having a supportive spouse. Her personal accomplishments have even convinced her husband to start trainig with Matt as well!

In the kitchen, Donielle’s go-to favority healthy meal is chicken and grilled veggies. But on rare occasion, you may catch her with a slice of pizza in her hand – that’s her favorite unhealthy meal. Oh, and her favorite thing to do outside of the gym is ride her back. You go, Donielle!

When asked if she had any advice for people trying to go to the gym and make healthier choices, she had this to say:

Trust the process. The journey is not a straight line. You will have days where it is easy to give up, but stick to your goals and see it through.


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