Julie is so much fun to train. She is always up for a good challenge and has made so many positive changes from her eating to her overall strength. I get excited to hear her tell me how much better she feels doing every day life. She is a joy to train and looking forward to even more achievements in the future. – Haley Cline, NASM, CPT

As a retired teacher, Julie Coshow knows that it takes a village to accomplish just about anything – from raising children, to gaining control of her health. Since working out with her trainer, Haley, Julie has seen noticeable differences in her strength as well as energy level. She feels stronger, more confident, and we couldn’t be happier for her! Julie even goes as far as to attribute her minimal pain and recovery time from a car wreck to her fitness routine and lifestyle changes. Go, Julie!

Julie loves when Haley incorporates a lot of upper body, back, and shoulders into their workouts. What she’s not so crazy about? Those pesky core movements…but she says “that is changing!” Her favorite healthy choice for meals is brussel sprouts, peppers, onions, and salmon or chicken. And like a lot of us, pizza is her favorite not-so-healthy choice.

Here’s what Julie had to say when we asked her what advice she had for anyone beginning, struggling with, or continuing their journey to health and fitness:

Find a good qualified trainer who listens to you and one you can build a quality relationship with.  Remember it’s a team effort and your trainer wants to help you meet your goals.  You are worth it!  Every time I receive a compliment on how great I look, it makes me feel great knowing I am doing what’s best to keep my body in better shape.  There will be plateaus at times, but a trainer like Haley will be such an encouragement to keep on making good eating and workout decisions.

Julie enjoys gardening, travelling, and playing with her grand children – all of those things made a easier by the effort she’s put into her training and nutrition over the last few months. Julie, keep up the good work!

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