Rick is a business owner with a full schedule and a lot of responsibilities. But this hasn’t stopped him from making a decision to truly seek change in his physical fitness through becoming a member at Body Language and working with his trainer, Sarah.

I love Rick’s positive attitude! He is always willing to try new things and step out of his comfort zone. A few months into training together he wanted to kick it up a notch and try group classes. Now he’s a regular at boot camps and spin! His next goal was to buckle down on his diet and lose some weight. After we discussed a plan, he immediately put it into practice and has successfully lost 11 pounds and is 1/3 of the way to his goal weight! Rick is the perfect example of someone setting goals and making them happen. – Sarah

Like many others, Rick finds the welcoming community one of his favorite things about Body Language. He is also very pleased with the variety of exercise options that the facility and classes offer. One of his favorite types of exercises is actually getting some reps in on the heavy bag or focus mits with Sarah. What he doesn’t love? Lunges. Any. Kind. Of. Lunges. (We feel you, Rick…we feel you!)

Rick has been working with Sarah since July of 2018. He states that this has “certainly impacted (his) physical health and perspective on how to be efficient in exercising.”

So what is this 60 year-old business owner’s favorite healthy meal? Vegan cobb salad with the addition of salmon (Cheescake Factory). And when he’s not being so healthy, Rick leans towards some American classics – buttermilk fried chicken or a double cheeseburger with bacon! (Mouth…watering…)

When asked about advice for anyone who is trying to go to the gym, make health choices, etc, he says “establish a system of accountability – like scheduling a personal trainer, attending group classes, charting what you eat. It is harder to cheat or slip up with accountability measures in place.”

Besides going to the gym, Rick enjoys spending time and traveling with his beautiful and delightful wife, Denise. Denise, we think you’ve got a good one! Thanks for sharing him with us here at Body Language!

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