A lot of people like to ask about different pre-workouts on the market and what’s best for them. Some like that itchy sensation that really pumps you up to lift some weights, while others dislike it, but still want some added energy to their workout. I am the first type of guy. I like having that feeling that my pre-workout is working. I’ve personally
taken these for 10 years and I have tried a wide variety of brands.

From N.O. Xplode, jack3D, Dr. Hyde and about 50 others.  My personal favorite right now is Beyond Raw’s LIT brand. It has a wide variety of tasty flavors, high beta-alanine (the itchy feeling), and caffeine for an added boost. You also don’t get a bloated feeling some pre-workouts can give you. Only 1 scoop is required with this product and I havent felt like I needed more yet. This pre can be found online and at GNC.

Let me know if you have questions about adding a pre-workout supplement into your routine.

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