Training Rick is one of the best parts of my day. I can always count on some laughs mixed in with some wisdom during each of his sessions. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a few of his signature dance moves between sets! Rick’s commitment to improving his health has really paid off and so far he has lost a total of 24 pounds, approximately 34 inches, and 2% body fat despite his knee and shoulder injuries. To say I’m proud, is an understatement. – Sarah Trett, NASM, CPT

Rick Johnson, an oil executive in his sixties came to Body Language looking to drop some weight and get stronger. With a current weight loss of over 20lbs and over 30 inches gone…we’d say he’s on the right track! He attributes his success to getting a personal trainer and simply “sticking to it”.

At Body Language, Rick found a team of encourages and a true professional in his trainer, Sarah. He doesn’t have a true “favorite” exercise, but likes to work on his core. What he doesn’t like as much…? Balance exercises. His go-to healthy meal option is a salad, but every once in a while, he’d prefer to have it only as the precursor to good old-fashioned steak and potatoes. Outside of his time in the gym and time at work, he enjoys playing golf.

Rick – we are so proud of you and your accomplishments! Keep up the good work!

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