For the past several months, the Body Language team has been working behind the scenes to partner with some outstanding local businesses in the health and fitness world. And it’s already evident that when working together with like-minded people, you can accomplish great things. We are excited to present to you our newly created discount and incentive program called… FitPass! The concept is simple. Buy a card at one of our partners and start receiving discounts at choice locally owned and operated health and wellness businesses in the OKC metro area.

What is our Goal?

I wanted to partner with top-level businesses that I trust; places where I find true value in their services and / or products. With FitPass, our goal is to develop an unbelievable referral network among these businesses and create an incentive for our clientele to support and patron them. So who did we choose as our partners? Only the best! We have yoga studios, chiropractors, health food restaurants, personal chef services, kickboxing gyms, and more! View a complete list of our ever-growing partners here. We wanted to make it easy for people to refer their friends to these proprietors – AND receive some great discounts. Now it is! And truthfully, who doesn’t prefer going to a local business over a big, corporately owned gym, restaurant, practioner, etc.?

Why FitPass?

It wasn’t too long ago that I realized I can’t be everything to everybody. It is completely exhausting and honestly, just not possible. That’s why I am so excited to launch this program alongside other highly motivated and successful small business owners. Being a small business owner you learn to be resilient, creative, and are constantly seeking to find the best way to live out your passion while providing the best service or product possible. And this is where I fall in love with supporting other small business owners. FitPass is a way to do just that.

Check out the FitPass and all the amazing offers we are continuously bringing on board. And if you have been on the fence about getting a personal trainer or putting off that facial, stop! Now is the time to treat yourself and / or your loved ones to the gift of health. (They make GREAT stocking stuffers…) You won’t be sorry!

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