Leah describes herself as a Type A personality who was simply FED UP with being overweight, not looking like herself, and feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. She was emotionally at her bottom and was ready to be fit, learn to enjoy exercise, and return to being healthy and looking better in her clothes! Thankfully, she found Body Language and since May of 2018 she has lost a total of 31 pounds, dropped from a size large to small, and now wears a size 26 waist jeans. Leah’s story is like many others; she made a decision, started where she was, and persistently pursued her fitness with a little help from the BL Team.

The team according to Leah..?

“The owner, Haley is a kind and thoughtful person who takes time to listen if any questions arise, she is 100% committed to her gym, her employees, and equally her gym members!”

“Sarah our trainer customizes my workouts based on my desired results of my body. And more importantly, I see my body changing quickly, and for the first time, it is what my desired body requests were for! (I showed Sarah pictures of me when I was 20 yrs old). I’ve had 8 different trainers in my life, and all have designed custom workouts for what body “they” saw for me…and until Sarah, I was unhappy with results. Sarah rocks!!!! Sarah is a deeply caring person who is just a pleasure to be around.”

“Misty is a great gal, whom I’ve described below and so thankful for her enthusiasm which got me engaged to continue on!!”

“Kresha the young lady you first meet when you walk in is just the sweetest person, and she takes her job seriously! The facilities, equipment & kids toy room is cared for, cleaned & sanitized as if it’s Kresha’s own home.”

She says that these four ladies are perfect examples of those who live their lives with integrity & character…ALWAYS each with a smile and a supportive word!

Another reason for her recent success at BL? The atmosphere. “Everyone actually cares about you, and listens!” She points out that at BL, you don’t feel like a “#” among a sea of members. For Leah, it’s important that the gym is run with integrity, common sense, and that every staff member is part of a “team”. The result? “You feel as if you are joining new friends to help you achieve your fitness goals. BL is not a meat factory, every stage of fitness is seen, happily coexisting!”

Leah’s favorite exercise? She enjoys both cardio and weight training. No matter what her workout consists of, she always leaves in a good mood, feeling accomplished, and positive that she is one step closer to reaching her desired goals. Something she’d rather not see on the agenda? Weighted walking squats…but she admits that she totally needs them. 🙂

During the summer, Leah and her 4 year-old daughter joined Misty’s “Mommy & Me” class; at that time Leah had gained 20lbs because of inactivity and personal stress. Misty’s vivacious personality and expertise kept them engaged and enthusiastic class after class. This experience gave her the inspiration to strive towards eating better and exercising regularly. She was hooked!

Leah and her daughter came 2-3 times a week, simply beginning with 20 minutes of fast walking/cardio on the treadmill. Within a month, she was rapid walking for an hour. In her second month, coming 3 times a week of treadmill cardio, she was walking 3 miles each day, totaling 9 miles a week. Before she knew it, she’d lost 25 lbs and as a reward, hired Sarah as a personal trainer.

In working with Sarah, she’s realized that she’s not only a gifted trainer, but has become a trusted friend who knows exactly what exercise to use to guide her to best achieve her fitness goals. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

More fun facts about Leah? Her favorite meal is chicken and steamed vegetables with salad. Her favorite less-than-healthy meal? Lasagna. Outside of the gym, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, family, church friends, and serving in church. She also enjoys reading, writing short stories, watching documentaries and simply…enjoying life!

Leah: we are so proud of your journey and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

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