So you’ve been wanting to hire a personal trainer but you’re a little apprehensive. What if they yell at you and force you to do things you hate?  Or what if they tell you that you can only eat fish and broccoli for the rest of your life to lose weight?  There are a lot of misconceptions about trainers out there, but honestly, we are really more like you than you think.  Let’s get down to the facts and find out what personal trainers are really like. 

We are drill sergeants.

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions about trainers.  Shows like the Biggest Loser and other weight loss challenge TV shows may perpetuate the hard-core, yelling trainer; however, not all trainers use this tactic to train their clients.  In fact, a good trainer gets to know their clients and what type of reinforcement induces the proper result.  Some people may respond well to the “drill sergeant” method, while others may shut down if their trainer starts yelling at them.  Don’t get me wrong, you should feel challenged and pushed in a training session, but a good trainer should know how to do that in a style that fits your personality best.

We are only focused on our bodies.

In the age of social media, personal training and fitness has morphed into a very body-focused field.  It’s easy to get caught up in a “fitspo” account with plenty of selfies and body shots and think that all personal trainers are this way, but again, this isn’t always the case.  While a trainer should practice what they preach, their main focus should be on you, the client.  Even if they look great, six-pack abs don’t always indicate that a trainer has the right knowledge or people skills to train a variety of people.  Experienced trainers know that when their client succeeds, their business succeeds and that’s the ultimate goal.

We will force you to do the same workouts we do.

Obviously your trainer should enjoy working out, but just because they love doing marathons or bodybuilding doesn’t meant they will force their clients to do the same (unless that’s a goal of yours, of course).  Trainers know that what works for them, may not work for everyone and that’s okay. As mentioned before, certified personal trainers are fitness professionals that should be knowledgeable on a variety of workout techniques spanning from the novice to the advanced.  A one-size-fits-all plan typically doesn’t work.  That’s why a trainer will customize a plan that fits you.

We are miracle workers.

While a trainer can definitely help you get on the right track, they can’t make significant results happen without your help.  They may spend an hour or more with you each week, but the majority of the time it’s up to you to spend your time outside of the gym wisely.  You can’t outwork a bad diet, and you can’t expect amazing results with a 50% effort in the gym.  That’s why it is essential you take responsibility for your part of the equation.  In addition to that, a good trainer isn’t going to make extreme claims.  Long-term, sustainable changes take time and effort.  Remember this change is a lifestyle not a fad, and your trainer is there to help educate and encourage you along the way.

At Body Language, we offer free, no-pressure, no-sweat consultations to allow you to ask questions and get a feel for our trainers and our gym. During your consultation, your trainer will talk to you about your goals and let you know what they suggest your best plan of action is for reaching them and whether or not they think they can help. Schedule your free consultation today!

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