Most of us can relate to the “I used to be an athlete” scenario. Whether we are still trying to compete recreationally or even more seriously on an amateur level, it is amazing how far focusing on our fitness can help us compete at our best. Currently, I compete in a women’s basketball league once a week. I can undeniably say that I don’t think I would be able to safely play without the work I do in the gym during the rest of the week. All too often we try to go and do things we “used” to do easily without proper preparation. And as we do, a multitude of us suffer injuries or chronic pain in doing so.

It is time to listen to our bodies and still be able to enjoy those things at the highest level possible. This isn’t to say that you still won’t occasionally hurt or not feel great, but there are things you can do to improve your performance and help prevent injury.

What Happens as We Age?

As we get older, our bodies need as much help as they can get to continue to enjoy our recreations. People who do not take care of their bodies by maintaining a proper fitness routine are definitely more likely to have chronic issues with their body. So whether you pick up the clubs every Saturday, or get up and down the basketball court on Sunday, you need to understand the importance of keeping your body in the right kind of shape.

Let’s dial in on some statistics with golf from the Titleist Performance Institute. Some of the most common swing limitations amateur golfers have listed here:

  • Inability to separate the upper and lower body
  • Inadequate core stability
  • Lack of shoulder and hip flexibility, mobility, and/or stability
  • Lack of thoracic spine mobility
  • Lack of glute and/or abdominal strength
  • Wrist flexibility
  • Limited overhead deep squat
All of these things can cause major issues if left ignored. The good news is Body Language trainers are trained to help you achieve whatever your goal may be. If you need more flexibility, stronger core, agility and mobility, etc…these are things we are educated to help you accomplish. It is worth setting a time with one of our trainers to discuss how we can assist.

Kelsey Cline

At age 38, I knew I needed to work on my body in order for my golf game to achieve more success. I started a light workout routine with Haley in early 2016 that included weights, core work, balance, and cardio. I know for sure that this has helped me tremendously and has added 5-10 yards off the tee. In the past, it took me half a day to get loose and now it only takes about 15 range balls to get loosened up. – Kelsey Cline
Kelsey recently competed in the 2016 USGA Mid Am Championship.

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