Purpose may mean something entirely different to all of us as individuals. In fact, it might have several different meanings to each of us. We get up in the morning with specific intentions for the day, week, month, year, and lifetime. Sometimes we think about our purpose for the day, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we buckle down and focus on long-term goals, and sometimes we just try to “get through the holidays.” But for the most part, we have a regular routine that either wreaks havoc in our life, or supports us in finding our greater purpose.

What Does Having Purpose Mean?

To me having a PURPOSE provides inspiration, meaning, sense of awareness, happiness, and peace. I want everyone to have purpose in their life. From our day-to-day routines to the big picture, I believe that our fitness regime needs be purposeful and work in accordance with our overall life plan.

People get busy. Life…happens. Others demand our time and energy and it gets hard to continually put purpose into ALL OF THE THINGS! Least of all, our fitness regimen. When you find yourself exactly here, take a (quick) minute and reflect on these questions:

  • Why do I want to work out?
  • Why do I want to eat healthy?
  • Why do I want to make healthy decisions?

And if the answer to those questions is the typical – “to look better / be stronger”, or “to feel better”, or “to live longer”, follow that up with these questions:

  • Why do I want to look better or be stronger?
  • Why do I want to feel better?
  • Why do I want to live longer?

Keep Asking Why?

Keep asking yourself “why” until you get down to the heart of the matter behind each of your answers. I’m willing to bet that it goes much deeper than feeling better or looking a certain way. You may even have to grab a few tissues. That’s okay. It means you’ve found purpose.

You may work out every day to relieve stress, or avoid sugars because your family has a history of diabetes. You may make healthy decisions because you want to be a good example for your kids. You’ll find that whatever decisions you make, they more than likely come from the heart. Keep that in front of you! If your purpose isn’t clearly visible, it makes it easy to dismiss decisions that can lead you to be the healthiest you, you can be. It can distract you from your fitness purpose.

Your Challenge

If you have been struggling with your workout routine or eating habits, I challenge you to realign yourself with your purpose and why you want to make those healthy decisions. Set some new goals, tell somebody to keep you accountable, and always keep it in front of you. Or, schedule a time with a trainer here at Body Language. We have experience and training specifically designed to help you get to the place where you start answering those questions.

We all go through times of getting off track and making bad decisions. You can’t always ignore those fleshy desires to have a cheat meal or sleep in instead of catching a workout.

You’re human. We are human. I am human. But, the key is to not stay there, in those places of non-purpose. The key is to pick yourself up again. Find that purpose in your fitness routine. You can do it.

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