A few weeks ago we featured Rick as a Member Story. But…we just couldn’t keep this update to ourselves! Over the holidays, a time when many people gain weight, get off track, or aim for maintenance only, Rick lost 10.5 lbs!!!


You heard us. Here’s more from Rick and Sarah, his personal trainer at Body Language.

From Sarah…

“Rick has been such a blessing to work with! He continually wants to
be challenged and it shows. When I give him a task, he always strives to
go above and beyond. The results he has achieved can be credited to his
diligent work effort in and out of the gym. You can have good intentions
to get healthy, or you can be intentional about it and Rick did just
that. I couldn’t be prouder of his fantastic results!”

From Rick…

In July of 2018 Haley/Body Language Gym offered a special rate for personal training sessions for clients.  My wife has been a member of Body Language for a while and she encouraged me to try a few sessions to see how this might fit with my fitness goals. At the time I was 223lbs and had gained 30 lbs in the past 10 years (3 lbs per year each year).  I really wanted to get back to that 193 weight, but had not been successful on my own.  I agreed to try an 8-session program, and Haley assigned Sarah Trett as my personal trainer.

Sarah spent some time talking to me about my goals and also assessing where I was currently with fitness and nutrition.  We then set a schedule of two 30-minute sessions twice per week.  After just a few sessions I was hooked and informed Sarah that we should continue these twice per week training sessions.  I found that the accountability and the knowledge that Sarah provided made the workouts actually happen and made them effective.  I saw immediate results form a strength standpoint and could tell I was losing fat but also gaining muscle. Most of all, I was enjoying the discipline and journey!

In late October – after having only lost 3 lbs (now down to 220) – Sarah challenged me to consider a nutrition program to go along with the exercise.  I had already started rolling in some group exercise classes at Body Language and was working out 4-5 times per week including the personal training sessions.  Since it was almost November, I was a little concerned about starting a “nutrition management” program with Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays coming soon.  But I was determined to do whatever my trainer was recommending.  Sarah set me up with the My Fitness Pal app for my phone and calculated a suggested daily calorie count for me.  She encouraged me to track my eating daily and showed me how easy this was with the app…..and it really was fairly simple to use. 

So, November 1st I started the nutrition program along with continuing the exercise regimen.  My weight on Nov 1st was 220.  Body Language had a challenge during the holidays as well to encourage members to try and not gain weight during the holidays.

As of early Jan I am at 209….I lost 11 pounds even during the holiday months of Nov & Dec.  Watching my calorie intake and recording this each day along with consistent exercise each week has been very beneficial.  I really credit Sarah Trett and her encouragement and work for my progress so far in this journey.  She continues to introduce exercise strategies that challenge me and create effective results.  I also appreciate Haley  and the entire Body Language family for encouraging me and supporting the journey.  My goal is to get to 193 by the end of June.  I took 10 years to gaining 30 lbs…..my goal is to lose all 30 in 1 year and then keep it off.

Thank you Sarah, Haley and friends at Body Language Gym!!

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