If you don’t already know her, within 5 minutes of meeting her, you’ll feel like you’ve known her years. This 38 year-old bundle of energy is Candace Munson: wife, mom, occupational therapist, Stella & Dot rep, and our Body Language member of the month! Candace’s relationship with Body Language goes back to before Haley took over the business in 2006; she’s an OG!
Why does Candace have such a commitment to working out? It’s what she feels like afterwards. “I feel like a beast when finishing boot camp”, she says. An added bonus? The BL family! “I love the people here that motivate me every day and remind me that they will see me next time.”
So let’s get to know her a little better…
If she’s on track and keeping her plate healthy, brussels sprouts are her go to fave. If not, chocolate is her weakness! And like most people, she cringes a bit – or a lot – when burpees are part of the workout, but she genuinely enjoys the versatility of the cables. Some of her favorite moves on this piece of equipment include core twists, tricep pull downs, and leg abductions and extensions.
As far as classes at Body Language goes, Candace thinks that you can’t beat boot camp with Haley. But on a side note she mentions that “My new craze is SPIN!” She likes that both of these classes bring it in the intensity and energy department!
And in true Candace fashion, she has some great advice for people trying to get into a regular workout routine: “Come to class and make a friend!” She also suggests following that up with a few simple steps: put your shoes next to your bed, wake up to meet that friend, and just get there. She’s motivated by surrounding herself with people who have similar goals and can help keep her accountable. “Surround yourself with people who build you up to be the best you YOU can be!”

Although Candace has been consistent in her workouts for several years now, she’s recently
been committed to morning boot camp for the last 3 months with her spouse, John. And, she’s trying new classes that are out of her comfort zone – like Spin. She’s lost inches and seeing the muscles change for the better. In return, that has made her feel stronger and happier. That’s success!
And when she’s outside of the gym, our social butterfly simply loves to love on her family and friends. One of the ways she gets to do that is to attend horse shows with her daughter Sydney and…who doesn’t enjoy an indulgent cheat day every now and then, too! Go, Candace! We are happy to have you a part of our Body Language family!

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