Kati Shed (Rosalyn, 4 1/2 Months)

Working out has been a good stress reliever and a sense of normalcy from before having a baby.

Body language has been a part of this by giving me a great place to go to work out and know my little one is being taken care of while I work out even when it’s just been 10 min of treadmill and seeing all the smiling faces of the people that go and work there.

Making time for yourself is important and for me being in shape means I can keep up with my little one as she grows and gets more active so even if it means getting in 10 min a day that is better then nothing at all!

Ally Edwards (Brinley, 12 Months)

Working out after having my daughter has benefited my life by getting me in the best shape I’ve ever been in and motiving me to be the best version of my self so I can give her my best.

Body language provides a clean workout space and amazing classes, along with great, trustable childcare.

Your children are watching you and I think it’s important to set a good example for them!

Sheridan Haynes (Hollyn, 6 Months)

Working out has helped me to feel more energized (which all new parents could use more energy 😉) and has helped for me to start feeling more like myself again.

Body Language, and Haley in particular, have been crucial in my journey. I have loved having the accountability of working with Haley and she has pushed me to be a better version of my self! The Saturday morning boot camp has also been wonderful! I really enjoy the welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Be patient! It took 9 months to grow the baby, it will take time to get back into shape too!

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