“Justin has overcome many obstacles in his life and we are thankful he is part of the BL community. He is very talented and has a unique story. Take time to listen and see for yourself. If you see him in the gym he will be working hard with a smile on his face.”  – Haley, NASM CPT and Owner, Body Language Gym

Meet Justin. This 41 year-old Body Language member has dual careers. Not only is he an Emmy nominated / Jazz Hall of Fame Inductee, but he is also an 18-year veteran of Oklahoma City Police Department. He states, “I am a vocalist pianist and guitarist by trade and artist by description.” And Justin – thank you for your service!

When asked about why he’s chosen Body Language as his home gym, he responds: “I enjoy the BL community. It is a small close knit and cordial community of exercise enthusiasts. The environment is well-maintained and I find staff professional.”

And when he’s working out at Body Language, you may see him working on his traps, or trapezius. (The trapezius is one of the major muscles of the back and is responsible for moving, rotating, and stabilizing the scapula (shoulder blade) and extending the head at the neck. It is a wide, flat, superficial muscle that covers most of the upper back and the posterior of the neck.) He does so by doing a various of upright rows and is doing so to try to make his body shape more symmetrical. Good work, Justin! Keep it up!

The exercise you probably won’t see him doing much of? Pull ups. We hear you.

Justin knows that when it comes to fitness, it’s not all about exercise, but about healthy diet choices as well. His favorite healthy meal choice? Any grilled fish with lemon and broccoli. When he’s in a not-so-healthy state of mind? Pizza. However, he’s recently switched to pizza with caulilflower crust to cut carbs. Nice move!

When asked if he had any advice for gym-goers, he said this:

“You must be clear when establishing your motives within the gym. It must go deeper than the desire to achieve a physical aesthetic. Shallow purpose leads to shallow commitment. In a society immersed in beauty culture, it’s  essential to clarify and evolve our intentions “

Well said!

Outside of the gym, Justin’s favorite pastimes include music, live performance, and film. To learn more about Justin, check out this video from PBS. Yep! He’s kind of a big deal!


Justin – thank you for choosing Body Language as your gym! We are pleased to be able to help you meet your health and fitness goals!

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