Your objective:  Enjoy the holidays without the gain

Your opponent:  A week of leftovers, grandma’s pie, parties with food and drinks galore, and food comas

How will you do it???  I’m glad you asked!  Here’s your Holiday Survival Plan

Parties and Family Gatherings

Day of:  Prioritize activity and protein!

This is not a day you want to be totally sedentary.  Even if it’s just a walk, make it happen.  You can always break up your workout if you need to.  10 minutes, 3 times a day still equals 30 minutes so get busy! 

By making sure you eat higher protein foods this day, you can safeguard against going totally overboard at the event.  Protein keeps you satiated and we don’t typically overeat it at parties (unlike sweets, treats, and drinks). 

While you’re at the event, make one reasonable plate with foods you are really looking forward to.  Don’t waste your calories on things that taste “just ok”.  You can be picky.  Indulge on what matters to you, not on the things that don’t.

Week of:  Keep your normal routine, as normal as possible!

I’m encouraging my clients to mark a calendar with the days they are able to workout, and for the days that they can’t, they will try and get some other form of activity in.  The goal is to have every day marked with something.  This could be a walk around the block, walk around the mall, some push-ups after wrapping gifts—the options are endless!  As mentioned above, 10 minutes a few times a day can really add up so set a timer and see what you can do.

By the end of the month you will be able to see your activity on paper and if you weren’t as consistent as you hoped, maybe it will motivate you for next time.  The calendar is totally optional but I find that being able to tangibly mark something usually helps people feel more accomplished.  If that sort of thing doesn’t motivate you, think of some other method that inspires you to keep pushing and fitting that activity in.

One More Thing…

The damage done in one day is minor in comparison to the damage you can do in a whole week.  Enjoy your treats but try to get back to your normal eating routine as soon as possible.  You’ll thank me later!

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