A Note from Jeremy

From the moment Gabe stepped into the gym this spring, his commitment has been unwavering. His achievement was accomplished by training consistency, his diet, and holding himself accountable. This led not only to the 40lbs of fat loss, but was accompanied by muscle gain as well. If I had to describe Gabe in 3 words those would be, determined, consistent and strong-minded. It has been an honor and true joy to train him.

Gabe’s Story

Growing up, I knew I wanted to be a fit dad when I had kids. However, I have a very sedentary job and had difficulty managing my diet. I have always kept a gym membership where I work hard for a couple months at a time before giving up. Finally, in April, I decided I needed to get serious about my overall health and contacted Body Language to start personal training. I realized that consistency in my health needed the accountability that I got from personal training. 

Gabe’s Journey at Body Language

Right away, I felt at home at Body Language. Other gyms I had been to with trainers always felt adversarial and crowded, with people standing around equipment instead of using it. At Body Language, other clients, members, and trainers are welcoming, hard-working, and dedicated.  My trainer, Jeremy, has always been on my team, helping me accomplish my goals. We have modified our workouts over time to focus on my goals and have regularly discussed how I am managing my food. Since starting personal training, I have met goals I never thought I could. I can run a 1.5 mile in under 10 minutes, do a single leg squat unassisted, and have significantly improved my bloodwork.

Gabe’s Advice

The biggest help for me in my health journey has been keeping my routine of exercise. That has been the beginning of all my health changes. When I workout first thing in the morning, I don’t want to waste my morning’s effort by eating unhealthily or not getting enough sleep. Another concept that has really helped me stay consistent is setting small goals that are easily achievable so that I can always see myself making progress. That way I don’t get too distracted by what a scale might say about it. 

What’s Next for Gabe?

My goal for the next six months is to increase my strength and work off another 10 lbs.

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