Haley Cline, Owner (KJ, 10 Months)

Being a parent the last 10 months has opened my eyes to the challenges and beauty of raising a child. No matter how much you hear it from others you never can really experience anything like being a parent. If you are a parent you know the constraints on your time, your energy, your identity, and health is real. It takes true commitment and daily decisions to take care of yourself. 

I have realized that it isn’t easy to maintain a health routine. It is my hope that at Body Language we make it as easy and enjoyable for you to stay consistent and invest in yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. We are here to help you get back on track with expert training, great community, and caring hearts. I hope you enjoy seeing these great stories and testimonies. Just a reminder, it is not always smiles and fun. There are a ton of hard times, but with a little bit of motivation and commitment a lot of good can happen!

Jessica Rimmer (Margo, 10 1/2 Months)

I’m so thankful to be working with Haley Cline, owner of Body Language, as my trainer. I knew that getting back in shape after a third baby was going to be tough. Thanks to Haley, I’m stronger than I was before I had her.

Working hard and pushing toward health and strength has given me the energy it takes to juggle a career and family life.

For other parents hoping to get in shape, I would just remind them that prioritizing health is the best way to actually take care of your family in the long run.

Sheridan Haynes (Hollyn, 6 Months)

Working out has helped me to feel more energized (which all new parents could use more energy 😉) and has helped for me to start feeling more like myself again.

Body Language, and Haley in particular, have been crucial in my journey. I have loved having the accountability of working with Haley and she has pushed me to be a better version of my self! The Saturday morning boot camp has also been wonderful! I really enjoy the welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Be patient! It took 9 months to grow the baby, it will take time to get back into shape too!

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